My Boyfriend Is Not My Boyfriend And Also Caro Is There Twice

This dream was dreamed last Christmas holiday. I was spending a few weeks in Uruguay, my home country, visiting family. I had only been dating my boyfriend Kes for about one month. And then I had this dream.

Kes and I are back in Montreal, in Lionel-Groulx metro station in fact. What was weird though was that even though I was certain this was Kes, it did not look like Kes. He was taller, had shorter hair and a squarer face. All things that made him look less attractive. Also, he was in a wheelchair. I mean, sometimes he was. Some other times it was a skateboard.

We are walking around the station when suddenly more and more of my friends start appearing, and then other people who seem to know my friends but who I do not recognize join as well. You know the saying “Three is a crowd”? Well so is twenty. We are now a huge group moving about the station which starts to resemble more and more a mall. We shop, we talk, we laugh. I actually forget Kes’ name for a good five seconds. Some really stressful five seconds.

People start to leave. The group diminishes in number. Kes tells me that we should go say hi to our coworkers. I realize we are now in the mall were Kes and I work. We head to our workplace and say hi to our three coworkers Caro, Carina and Caro again. Yes, Caro was there twice. One of the Caros asks me why I’m not in Uruguay. Remember, this is where I’m having the dream. In the dream, I had come back early but did not want to tell my job because I did not want to go to work. So quickly, I decided to make something up. “Oh, I’m just here for the day. I’m going back tonight.” Caro has no time to contradict me because my friend’s friends start appearing out of no where and they are all angry customers. I did not want to turn this dream into a nightmare, so we left Caro, Carina and Caro to take care of them.

Walking through the mall, it slowly turns back into the metro station and Kes and I take the metro to my college where I make sure my homework was given in. When we walk in, we are surprised to see each other there. “Oh! Fancy seeing you here!” This is frick frackity stupid because we were with each other throughout the whole dream.

Change scene.

I’m at the airport. What I had told Caro was true, I was going back to Uruguay that very same day. Unfortunately, my Aunt Paula and I don’t have any tickets. I ask how much it is for a direct flight to Uruguay and I’m told it’s 80$. “That’s cheap!” I say. “No it’s not” says my aunt. I have to convince her to go back with me by offering to buy her ticket. We head to the gate and pass by an old senile airport employee throwing cheetos on the floor for pigeons to come and have a snack. I look at him and feel bad. Does he not realize there are no pigeons in an airport?

And then I woke up.


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