Tom Felton’s End of High School Party

So I recently decided to make a blog all about my dreams. This way, I’ll always have a place to look back unto my funny brain and the public can look as well and hopefully have a good laugh. So here we go with the dream that made me want to start this blog : Tom Felton’s End of High School Party.

I’m back to my last year of high school but things are slightly different. First of all, my boyfriend Kes goes to high school with me and, second of all, I’m dating my boyfriend Kes. During my actual high school years, I had no boyfriend and was unaware that Kes existed. Either way, it is not uncommon for this sort of thing to happen during a dream. What is uncommon though is for Harry Potter star Tom Felton to be finishing high school at the same time as us. Tom is, I’m sure, a really nice guy, but in this scenario, he resembled his alter ego, rich bully Draco Malfoy.

Even though Tom is not very nice, he still invited us to his massive end of the year pool party. The pool, I must add, is gigantic. On one of its sides, a small mountain holds a long water slide. Kes and I are at the top of the mountain, swimming among other students in a smaller pool where we meet my friends Sandy and Nuage. Sandy is rude and ignores me. I’m still mad about that. We decide to all go down the slide together. That’s where my memory starts to fail. All I can recall is that I became a rival of our host Tom Felton. Back on top of the slide, the party is about to end and I have 5 seconds to go down before they cut the water from the water slide. Tom runs towards me and as I go down, he looks me dead in the eyes and tells me : “You are so dead”. I quickly realize that he found something out and will use it against me.

At the bottom of the slide, I get out of the pool and join Kes. Tom comes down from the mountain and screams : “HEY EVERYBODY”. He looks at me. I look back. “FED AND KES ARE DATING”. Apparently, not only is Tom an ass, he is also a homophobic prick. The crowd is silent, looking at me and Kes. It’s really weird because neither in the dream nor in real life are Kes and I hiding our relationship from public eyes. Not a second passes that I start yelling : “WOOOOOOOOOOO!” The crowd cheers with me, Felton is furious. “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” I start chanting and the crowd joins in as Kes and I passionately join lips.

I don’t remember when the dream ends. There were multiple other segments to this story that either happened after, before or in between. Those segments include but are not limited to : Kes and I in the back of my parents car, my brother Fran building a house for a fat evil cat, Sandy being a witch, going out in the rain with a yellow umbrella and of course, Tom Felton burying his dead pet under the pool.

And then I woke up.


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