Sandy Hurts My Feelings as I Walk Home

I feel completely disgusting because I just woke up, it’s about a gillion degrees and I decided to write this instead of taking a shower. I wanted the dream to be fresh picked so please, try to be grateful. Here we go.

I’m finally able to get out of the bus and I start walking towards my house with these two girls that I have to work with for a school project. One of them I don’t know very well, we went to school together but that’s about it. The other girl I know more. Her name is Sham and she was drunk. Really drunk. We had to carry her almost. I asked the girls if they wanted me to call my mom so she would come pick us up. It was a while before we would get to my house. They said no and so we kept on walking.

We walk and walk when we suddenly see my cousin Maria walking towards us. She, like Sham, is drunk. This was my warning that more drunkenness would be present. That’s when we bump into Sandy. The unnamed girl from school has transformed and is my friend Farah and she is also drunk. So now I’m walking with two drunks towards Sandy and she seems really embarrassed by their attitude. It is interesting to notice that the day before the dream, I was told that Sandy, Sham and Farah were hanging out in the real awaken world. Sandy asks me: “Fed, why did you have to do this?” She is red and her face is in her hands. I told her that I thought Sham and Farah were her friends. She replies: “Out of all of my close friends, you are the one I have to worry about the most”. Wow thanks Sandy, that wasn’t rude or anything.

We get to a little café which does not actually exist and I see my mom inside. I tell the girls who have turned back into drunken Sham and the student to stay outside. I go ask my mom if she can drive us home cause one of the girls is really not having it right now. She says no, she’s busy. Wow thanks mom. When I go back outside, I luckily don’t have to deal with a drunk anymore because the girls have transformed into two guys from high school that I do not know very well. We keep on heading to my house but they want to make a stop at a hardware store (which also does not exist). They go in and one of the dudes accidentally cuts the line while he is buying a snack. I think back unto what Sandy said. “Out of all of my close friends, you are the one I have to worry about the most”. That’s not a nice thing to say.

We head home.

And then I woke up.


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